BlueSky Furled Leaders have sold thousands worldwide. Attractive Packaging depicts the 250-year-old tradition of furled leaders, and includes detailed instructions.Ship same day as order.

Recommended product mix for 8 leaders: 1 UltraLight, 2 Light, 2 Medium, 1 Heavy, 1 StillWater Light, 1 StillWater Med.
Recommended product mix for 24 leaders: 3 UltraLight, 9 Light, 4 Medium, 2 Heavy, 4 StillWater Light, 2 StillWater Med.

For bass anglers, the Medium and Heavy are the biggest sellers.

Our new Six-Plus Saltwater Leaders are designed for our saltwater angling customers.

For toothy fish like pike, musky and barracuda, our Ti leader with Titanium bite tip is ideal.

Minimum initial retailer order is 8 leaders (It’s OK to mix).