BlueSky® Furled Leaders is standing behind fly fishing guides and local fly shop owners during this season of uncertainty. We like to offer all fly fishing guides free BlueSky® Furled Leaders and shop owners extended terms on orders to help ease the burden of lost revenue.Please help support our efforts with your generous order today.

All Remaining Tippet on Sale $3.00-$5.00, Tie-Fast Knot Tool $5.00

Leading the Fly Fishing Industry with Innovative Furled Leaders

These are the Original BlueSky Furled Leaders.We have been crafting furled leaders since 1999 and have mastered furled leader making.Made in the USA but born on the storied chalk streams of the British Isles, furled leaders were first crafted of horse hair and later of silk. Now they are hand-woven from over 90 feet of premium nylon, providing legendary performance.All of our furled leaders are pre-looped to attach to the fly line using the simple loop-to-loop method. This means if the conditions change, or you wish to use a different fishing method, you can switch to another BlueSky Furled Leader in seconds.

From panfish to trout to musky to redfish to tarpon, we have the perfect furled leader for your fishing.

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Get one each of these six leaders for a 10% discount. A leader for all line weights and nearly every fishing situation. Includes 1 each: UltraLight (For 0-3 wt.), Light (For 3-5 wt.), Medium (For 6-8 wt.), Heavy (For 7 wt & up), StillWater Light (For 3-5 wt.), Stillwater Medium (For 6-8 wt.)
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